Living in Malta

So why do so many foreigners decide to come and live or retire in Malta ?

Firstly, it must be the climate.

The climate in Malta is generally warm. The best ways to describe Malta?s seasons are a long, warm and sunny summer and a short mild winter.

Any Language Barriers ?

Although the official language of Malta is Maltese, English and Italian are widely spoken, with quite a few now learning Spanish as well as German, due to the large number of tourists visiting Malta year on year.

What about Culture & History ?

All over the Islands, you can find evidence of its rich historical past. Temples, catacombs, palaces, cathedrals and forts are some of the visible evidence left by many through the ages including the Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Knights of St. John, the French and the British. The myriad of civilizations that have swept through Malta, along with its geographical position between Africa and Europe and its fantastic natural deep harbours have contributed to Malta?s unique culture.

Is it Safe ?

It is well known that Malta is a remarkably safe country. In an analysis carried out in 2003 using INTERPOL data and the seven offences used to compute the FBI?s index of crime, Malta was compared to both the USA that has a high crime rate and Japan, which conversely has a low crime rate. The combined rate for all index offenses combined was 24.60 for Malta, compared with 1709.88 for Japan and 4123.97 for USA. The low crime-rate coupled with the Mediterranean lifestyle and weather; result in the Maltese having a well earned reputation as a friendly nation.

What are Medical Services Like ?

High Standars of Medical Services, is yet another reason why so many are comfortable with Malta, there are 2 State Hospitals, one which has just opened, having state of the art equipment and boasting to be a leader amongst its European counterparts as well as numerous Specialised Private Clinics and Hospitals. All EU nationals resident in Malta are eligible for free medical treatment from state hospitals and polyclinics, which can be found in most localities.  Those on low incomes and with specific chronic illnesses are exempt from payment of prescriptions. Malta also has reciprocal agreements with some countries whereby tourists from those countries are eligible for free emergency medical treatment at the state hospitals.

Is Malta Laid back ?

If you are considering Malta as your home, we cannot but mention the Mediterranean Lifestyle. There has been much documentation and publication about the benefits of the Mediterranean lifestyle. From holiday guides to doctors from chefs to water sports enthusiasts, everyone agrees that the food, climate and lifestyle of Mediterranean countries contributes largely to health, lifestyle and happiness. Malta is no exception. It is blessed with a temperate climate and long, sunny summers. The continuance of traditional farming methods results in healthy, fertile agricultural land and the production of a wide array of local, fresh produce all year round. The waters around Malta teem with fish, such as sea bass, stonefish, bream, red mullet, swordfish, tuna, octopus, kalamari, mussles, etc.

How easy is it to get to Mainland Europe or North Africa ?

Located south of the Island of Sicily, Italy, Malta is just a few hours flying time from most European cities and under an hour to Tunisia and Libya in North Africa. It is serviced by many major and low cost airlines. Additionally, Malta is a popular stop for cruise liners and is accessible from mainland Europe via Ferry/Catamaran.

So why should you consider living in Malta besides the above ? Maybe Advantageous Tax Regulations ?

Malta has double taxation agreements with over 47 countries for both temporary and permanent residents. Foreign residents working in Malta only pay tax on income earned in Malta. Companies also benefit from attractive tax incentives. Malta has an impressive record in attracting foreign investors. Malta can offer:

* Pro-business government policies
* Unusually high productivity levels
* Excellent telecommunications 
* One of the best IT rates in the EU
* Strategic location
* Marketing advantages
* Excellent transhipment and distribution capabilities
* Social, economic and political stability
* A highly skilled, multi-lingual work force
* Exceptional business support services

Are you considering coming to Live in Malta and do you intend to Buy Property but you Dont have the Time to do the Research ? Do you have Questions ?

Email us with what you are after, what your budget is and we will provide you with the neccessary information and put you in touch with what we beleive to be the best estate and relocation agents  to suit your needs.

Malta Holiday Tip

Shopping In Malta can sometimes be hectic and quality shops are often found in different areas of the country. Although Valletta is the main shopping district and one should be able to find almost all the good brands (as well as an open air market here) we recommend visting the Point in Sliema, which is abrand spanking new shopping mall with a couple of restuarants and cafes too. The Point is located just off the Fortina Hotel in Sliema.